Six Facts About Invisalign in DC

If you or someone in your family are experiencing issues with your teeth such as too much spacing, or crooked, it is time to seek a dentist or orthodontist. You need braces. Because of advanced technology, you no longer have to worry about wearing the heavy, metal braces that are so cumbersome and irritating to deal with. You can now wear invisible clear aligners. These invisible aligners go by the trade name of Invisalign. If you are looking for a dentist who does Invisalign in DC, know these facts about these popular braces before getting them.

1. Invisible clear aligners are braces that are virtually invisible. Wearers do not have to worry any longer about feeling self conscious for wearing braces.

2. Invisible clear aligners are not only removable, they are changed out on a frequent bases, as they work to correct your teeth. This is a great benefit as you are able to properly care for your teeth and mouth when you remove them. With traditional braces, this option is void.

3. Wearers of Invisalign clear braces enjoy the benefit of eating whatever they desire. Unlike traditional braces, they are not restricted by possible food getting stuck in the braces. Of course, just as with any dental treatment, some foods just are not good for you no matter what they condition of your teeth.

4. Like regular, traditional braces, Invisalign clear braces correct the spaces between the teeth, closing in gaps.

5. Clear braces are not for everyone. If you are having problems with TMJ, your dental provider will be able to tell you if clear braces will adversely affect your jaw position, enhance your mouth, or not affect your jaw problems in any way.

6. After the process is complete of wearing invisible clear aligners, one must still wear retainers, if the best results are desired.

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