Silk Wedding Boxes are Ideal for Giving Guests a Hint About Your Wedding Theme

If you are planning your wedding, one of the first things you will need to get are the invitations. The invitations are a reflection of the type of wedding you are planning, so they will give your guests a hint of the type of wedding it will be. When choosing the invitations, try to match them to your wedding location or the theme of the wedding. For example, an easy way to announce your wedding will be formal and elegant is to mail them out in Silk Wedding Boxes. Here are some suggestions on matching your invitations to your wedding theme.

If you are holding your wedding in a classic venue and will have a vintage theme, the invitations could be include an elegant, but classic black and white design with the envelopes addressed in calligraphy. If you are getting married in a garden, the invitations could be embossed with a light and festive floral design and the envelopes could be addressed with colorful ink.

A formal wedding should have invitations that are also formal in design and mailed in simple, but elegantly designed Silk Wedding Boxes. There are several designs you could choose from for an outdoor wedding, such as a leave design on the invitations and mailed in red, orange or brown envelopes. Winter weddings typically include colors of blue, silver and white, so you could design an elegant invitation in of these colors. If your wedding has a dominant color theme, consider designing invitations that in a shade lighter than the main color of the wedding.

The goal is to select an invitation design that perfectly describes your wedding day and what your guests can look forward to. So, have fun with selecting the perfect invitation, take your time in choosing them and keep in mind the envelop or boxes used for mailing should have writing that is clear, easy to read and attractive. It is important to keep in mind that when ordering your invitations it is always better to order a few extra just in case you make a mistake when addressing them or if there are guests you forgot to include in the original guest list.


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