Signs You Need Emergency Septic Service in Allentown, PA

For many homeowners, septic system maintenance is put on the back burner due to the infrequency of septic pump-outs. The EPA strongly encourages homeowners to pump their septic systems every three to five years, as there may be serious issues if you put off such maintenance. If you are unsure when you last had your septic system pumped, look for the signs that you need to call an emergency septic service right away.

Sewage Backup

Although it may seem a pretty obvious sign, many homeowners do not understand the seriousness of the situation when they first notice the smell of sewage in their homes. The sewage will back up through the pipes and into your showers, sinks, and toilets. While this is an advanced sign that you need emergency septic service in Allentown, PA, it is usually preceded by an unpleasant odor in your drains or from your toilet. The moment you notice this issue, call for emergency service to reduce your chances of a serious backup and repair.

A Triggered Alarm

Most septic systems are equipped with alarms to alert homeowners of a serious problem. This can be triggered for a number of reasons, and you should call an emergency septic service the moment you realize that an issue has occurred. Your system may be experiencing high water due to increased water use in your home and is having issues removing the water or processing waste. You may also have a leak and your tank may be filling with groundwater. Once you notice a triggered alarm, cease all water use immediately and call an emergency service. If ignored, you could incur serious damage or repair costs.

If you notice that your septic alarm has been triggered, you need the help of an emergency service to avoid a backup. Backups can cause serious damage to the home, not to mention the unpleasant necessity of cleaning up the sewage. Trained professionals will help you prevent such a disaster and keep your home comfortable and clean.

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