Signs You Need Chimney Rebuilding in Suffolk County, NY

Chimneys are a marvel of engineering. Brick combined with mortar are ideal materials to help filter out the smoke of fires. But like many elements that are exposed to the weather, the mortar in the bricks can deteriorate. While the bricks are usually still in pretty good shape, the failing mortar glue can put your chimney at risk of collapse. These are some of the signs that indicate the mortar is failing and you may need to get your chimney rebuilt.

One of the signs that the mortar is potentially failing is when there are loose bricks in the chimney. A loose brick means that the mortar has lost the capacity to hold the brick in the proper position. It also means that the integrity of the chimney is compromised. Thus, you may need to look into Chimney Rebuilding in Suffolk County NY if there are several loose bricks in a row or column or those loose bricks are located at the top end of the chimney.

Another sign that the mortar is in trouble is when the chimney has been attacked by growing vines. If these vines have been growing on the chimney for awhile, the roots can get into the mortar. In addition, a high amount of moisture is retained in those plants. This can cause the mortar to deteriorate faster than intended. While removal can help prevent further deterioration, the damage is already done.

Visible holes through the bricks is a sign that the mortar no longer exists. At this juncture, it is only a matter of time before the chimney bricks give way and fall. A complete loss of mortar is a time bomb for a chimney collapse. Thus, it is necessary to look into Chimney Rebuilding in Suffolk County NY before the whole structure collapses and possibly injures someone.

Periodic inspections of your chimney structure can help identify any potential problems with the mortar. You should visit website if you have any questions about how to handle one of these situations. Even though chimneys are a valuable asset, they are still at risk if their maintenance is ignored.

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