Signs You Need Air Conditioning Repair Service in Naples, FL

When the temperature goes up, chances are you rely on your air conditioning system to keep you cool. However, what happens if something is not working properly? Did you know that there are a number of warning signs that can alert you to an issue before the entire system breaks down? When you notice an issue, you should call for Air Conditioning Repair service in Naples FL, right away, before the issue becomes worse.

Leaking Water

The inside of your AC unit will gather condensation and then the drain tube will usher this buildup of moisture away. If the tube becomes broken or clogged, then you will likely notice a pool of water collecting near the actual unit. Also, if the water leaks or ice begins to form on your unit, then you should call for Air Conditioning Repair service in Naples FL, right away.

Limited Airflow

Another telltale sign that you may have an air conditioner issue is if the flow of air coming out of the vents no longer feels as strong as it once did. This may mean that the blower fan in the unit is the issue. However, if this does not end up being the problem, then you should call a HVAC tech in order to check the ductwork for the presence any blockages or other problems.

Unusual Noises

When you begin hearing noises that are unusual, then chances are there is something going wrong with your entire unit. Additionally, any weird noises mean that you need to call for service right away.

Unusual Odors

Another problem that will require attention immediately is when the unit has begun to emit a strange odor. Musty smells will indicate mold or mildew while an electrical smell will suggest that the insulation on the wires is getting overheated.

If you are having any type of air conditioning issue, it is essential to call for professional services right away. Keep this in mind so that you can get service before the issue becomes worse, and much more costly, to repair. This will ensure you stay cool and comfortable all summer long.

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