Signs that Your Need to Seek Heating Repair in Madison, CT

If your heater suddenly stops working, you will definitely notice that it does not kick on. However, there are also situations where your heater may be on the fritz and you don’t even know. In these types of situations it is important to know the signs that you should seek heating repair in Madison CT. Some of the most common symptoms that there is something wrong with your heater are highlighted here.

No Heat Produced
If you turn up the heat and are still not able to get your house warm, you likely have a heating problem. This may be due to leaking ducts, an issue with the pilot light and a number of other problems.

Poor Air Quality
If your heating system is operating properly it can allow particles and dust to freely travel in the air in your home. You may begin to notice that your family is experiencing asthma, allergies or a number of other respiratory issues much more often. One way to fix this problem is to purchase a new, clean filter.

Higher Electric Costs
If you have electric bills that are much higher than they usually are for the season, you likely have a heater that is inefficient. Since there are a number of issues that could have caused this problem, it is a good idea to seek professional Heating Repair in Madison, CT.

Is that Your Furnace Talking?
While all furnaces, no matter new or old, make noise, if you notice any significant changes in the drums and hums, there may be a possible issue. Be aware of any types of strange sounds, such as clanking, whistling and grumbles, which are fairly common. When you enlist the services of a professional, they will usually be able to easily determine the underlying issue.

Carbon Monoxide
One crucial sign that you should seek heater repair, which can be difficult to notice, is if there is carbon dioxide present in your home. This can be a risk for your family’s safety and health and the levels in your home should be tested on a regular basis to ensure no leaks are present.

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