Signs That Your Car Battery Might Be Failing

Nobody wants to end up stranded in the middle of nowhere, and it can even be dangerous if you are stranded with a dead battery when the weather is freezing. The good thing is that in many cases you can discern if your battery is having problems. Look out for these signs to make sure you don’t end up stuck somewhere with no options.

Clicking Sounds

After you place your key in the ignition and turn, the battery provides a current to a component called a starter solenoid to start up the car. If your battery is beginning to fail, your battery may not be able to perform this crucial function as the current being sent is weaker than usual. This often leads to a clicking noise which can clue you in to the issue.

Dim Lights

Due to having less power than average, a car battery that is in the process of failing won’t provide the appropriate energy to your electrical parts. This includes the headlights. If you’re driving down the road at night and your lights seem weaker than they usually are, it may be time to have things checked out.

Slow Cranking

You probably know what the standard sounds are that come from your vehicle. If you are in a situation where it seems as if the engine is cranking more slowly than usual when turning the key, it likely means that your battery is close to failing. You should have it checked or replaced as soon as you can.


Backfiring can be caused by many car problems, related to the battery and other components. What happens is that failing car batteries may occasionally produce sparks. These can cause fuel to build up in the car cylinders. At the time when that fuel becoming ignited, it’s very forceful and can cause the vehicle to backfire. Having a battery test is an excellent idea if you have this issue.

Pressing the Gas

In normal circumstances, you should not need to push on the gas to cause your car to start. If your car isn’t starting without you doing this, it is another sign that your battery is likely failing.

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