Signs that You Need AC Repair in Palm Harbor

Having your air conditioner functioning properly, especially during the summer, can make a lot of difference to the level of comfort in your home. Summer heat can become quite unbearable, making it essential to ensure that your air conditioner is working properly before the hot summer months arrive. If you want your air conditioning system to last through the summer and beyond, it is imperative that you schedule the repair at the first sign of a problem. Here are some of the signs that you need AC Repair in Palm Harbor right away.

Unusual noises

If you detect strange noises coming from your AC unit, you should have it checked by a qualified technician. Hissing noises, for instance, could indicate leaky ducts that disrupt the air flow in your system. This may cause freezing of the indoor evaporator coil. Buzzing and banging sounds may be indicative of loose components, which may lead to premature failure of your system.

Reduced cooling power

This is probably the most obvious sign of a malfunctioning AC system. If your system is blowing warmer than usual air, or the system is taking longer usual to produce the desired temperature, this could be indicative of a compromised air conditioner.

Weakened airflow

The airflow of your air conditioner will vary considerably depending on the age of your filter. It is therefore recommended that you get the air filter changed regularly to ensure maximum air flow, while enhancing the quality of the air in general. However, if you have recently changed your air conditioning filter and you are still experiencing weak air flow, it may be time you consulted an HVAC expert. Chances are, your AC problems are related to the blower.

Elevated power bills

If you realize that your cooling costs have suddenly increased without having made any real changes to the way in which you use your air conditioning system, you should call in a professional.

The more time you take before having your AC issues addressed, the more likely it will become for your system to suffer serious damages. Only a trained professional will determine with certainty the precise problem with your system. If you suspect or you know that you require AC Repair in Palm Harbor, contact Airprompt Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. For detailed information on their services, visit the site.

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