Signs That A Pet Should See A Specialist In Animal Care In Alexandria VA

Unfortunately, when animals are sick, they cannot let their owners know. It is up to the owner to be able to recognize the signs that their pet is sick, so that they can seek help from a professional who specializes in animal care in Alexandria VA. There are certain symptoms that an animal will have to tell their owner that they need help.

Loss of Appetite

Some pets will lose their appetite when it is very hot outside. If a pet has not eaten for two or more days, there could be something physically wrong with them, and they should be checked out by a professional who specializes in animal care in Alexandria.

Excessive Thirst

It is not uncommon for a pet to drink more during the warm weather. If it is not warm in the house, and the animal is still drinking more than usual, there could be something wrong with them physically. They could have diabetes or kidney disease. These are serious issues that need to be diagnosed and treated as early as possible.


If an animal is normally active and playful, but are suddenly acting sluggish and tired, they should be checked out by a vet. There are several physical problems that can cause an animal to feel this way. The sooner the problem is diagnosed and treated, the sooner the animal will get back to being their regular selves.


It is not uncommon for an animal to vomit if they have eaten something that upsets their stomach. If an animal has been vomiting for a few days, or if they cannot hold any food down, they should be seen by a vet immediately. Excessive vomiting can lead to dehydration, which can be very dangerous. The same is true if the animal has had diarrhea for two or more days.

Sudden Weight Loss

If an animal suddenly starts losing weight, they should be seen by a vet. If a large animal drops 10 percent of their weight, it is a sign of a serious health problem. If a small animal loses just one or two pounds, it is cause for concern. The sooner the animal is checked out by a professional, the sooner treatment can begin.

If a pet owner notices any of the above symptoms, they should contact Hayfield Animal Hospital for an appointment.

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