Signs of the Need for Rodent Control Service in Middletown, NJ

Most people believe that rats, mice, and squirrels aren’t a summertime issue. However, in New Jersey, they’re a year-round problem. Rodents are quite sneaky, and because they’re nocturnal, they only come out when everyone’s at rest. If a customer is worried about a potential rodent issue, they can consider these signs of rodent infestation.


One of the most evident signs of the need for Rodent Control Service in Middletown NJ is finding droppings in and around the home. Rats and mice often leave droppings around walls, in cupboards, and in other hidden areas.


Rats, mice, and squirrels will use debris to create nests in areas that are safe but near food and water sources. Twigs, paper, stuffing, and fabric scraps are all commonly used, as they’re warm and soft.

Chewed Food Containers and Packages

Homeowners should store food in lidded containers to prevent pests from gaining access. However, even if precautions are taken, rodents may want to get in. If there are chew marks on containers and packaging, it’s an indication there are some unwanted guests in the home.

Gnaw Marks

Rodents must frequently chew on hard surfaces to keep their teeth short and sharp. Not only will they chew on wood, they’ll chew on electrical wiring as well, causing structural damage and an increased fire risk.

Nighttime Noises

As previously mentioned, rodents are active at night. If there’s the pitter-patter of tiny feet overhead or noises in the walls, there may be a need for Rodent Control Service in Middletown NJ.

As long as customers know which signs to look for, they’ll find it easy to identify rodent infestations in the home. It’s important to address these problems immediately to avoid negative effects such as contamination, illness, and disease.

If any of these signs are present in a New Jersey home, customers can visit the website to learn more about the company’s rodent control services; they can also fill out an online contact form or make a simple phone call. The team at Freehold Pest Control is ready to discuss homeowners’ rodent issues and explain how they can effectively and safely get rid of these pests.

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