Signs of Good Property Manager

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Real Estate

Property Management is a very diverse business.  Professional managers will be required to work with people from all types of backgrounds.  A manager can work for a private property owner, a real estate agency, or a management company that handles all types of rentals in all price ranges.  Property owners need to feel secure.  In some cases, their life savings may be invested in the properties they own, so they must have a comfortable, open communication relationship with the manager of their properties.  They need to feel their properties are in safe hands they trust.  There are several signs a property owner should look for when they contemplate hiring a manager.

In-Depth Overall Property Management Knowledge

A quality manager should have continual training to keep up with both law and industry changes.  Staying in compliance is important, which is why these training classes are so vital.  If mistakes are made, then property owners could have serious problems with their reputation in the local community.  They could also face penalties if they do not keep their properties in compliance.  Your manager should be able to deal positively with people, multi-task, and they should have broad knowledge on how every aspect of the rental management industry should work.  You should ask them a few questions to test their knowledge.  If they answer clearly and precisely, then that is a sign they probably have what it takes.  If they stumble over their words or need time to look the answer up somewhere, then you may need to find someone who is more knowledgeable.

Good Principles and Honesty

Rental management Fort Myers personnel should always work under the principles of good morals, integrity, transparency, and, the most important principle of all, honesty.  These people are going to be handling every money transaction related to your rental properties, so you need to ensure they are trustworthy.  They will be collecting security deposits, collecting rent, and paying fees for marketing or related services, while they will have access to sensitive information, such as social security numbers.  It is critical to hire a company that fully screens all of their employees.  Your manager should have sound judgment, and they should have the ability to make the right decisions in every situation to keep your properties in peak shape with rental revenues high.  You should always observe them in their own surroundings before you hire them so that you can get a feel for how they conduct their business operations on a daily basis.

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