Should You Invest in Professional Pest Management Services in Covington, TN

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Agricultural Service

You can improve your harvest yield by using pest management services in Covington TN. Since most crops fail because of pests, controlling them can impact production a lot. Plus, you can use adjuvants to increase the efficacy of applied pesticides further.

Pest Management Services in Covington, TN

Working with a well-managed team can have a huge impact on the overall output of your plants. Treating weeds, diseases, and pests can make it so that the harvest hits its genetic potential. So, you won’t need to plant as much to produce the same amount, improving profitability.


Winfield United supplies plenty of herbicides, such as Asulam 3.3 and Basagran. These prevent competing weeds from inhibiting the growth of your plants. Also, you can use a combination of Simazine 90DF and Tomahawk 4 to enhance output.


Insects are one of the most common pests when growing agricultural products. Applying a layer of Dimate 4E, Paradigm VC, and Bifen 2 Ag Gold can do wonders for your crop. Ask a pro applicator about which chemicals to use on your land, as it depends on which pests are most common.


Fungi may not be as big of a deal as insects and herbs, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. An application of Onset 3.6L, Praiz, and Tetraban would prevent most of them from growing.


Sometimes, you can spray the land with tons of chemicals, but they still suffer. Adjuvants like Class Act NG, Destiny HC, and Level 7 enhance chemical uptake in most plants.

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