Should You Choose Asphalt Or Concrete Driveways For Madison WI?

by | Mar 24, 2021 | Construction and Maintenance

Let’s forget about going really rural and simply driving in and out of a property over a dirt road and let’s also forget driveways into large commercial establishments which are more or less an extension of the public pavement approaching them. Here, we will concentrate on the driveways that connect homes built on their own lot and a driveable distance away from the approach road; the distance could be small, just enough so that the home owner can pull in off the street and park in his own lot; or the house might be some way inside the lot (making the driveway more of an essential than a mere convenience). Assuming the owner wishes the driveway to have a permanent, motor vehicle proof surface; there are two main ways of achieving this. Both require the approach route to be marked out and levelled for roughness (if not slope) and some basic foundation preparation prior to surfacing the driveway; but, why choose asphalt instead of using concrete for driveways in Madison WI?

What is Asphalt?

Asphalt; or bitumen as it is sometimes called is a black, thick, sticky, almost solid form of petroleum which is usually supplied as a product from the crude oil refining sector. Its main use is in road construction (blacktop) where it is used to bind together solid particles (known as aggregate) to create a hard surface for vehicles to drive on.

What Is Concrete?

Concrete is also a composite material combining a coarse, granular aggregate embedded into a binding material. When cement is used as the binder; the resultant mix is called concrete. Cement has been in use since at least Roman Times and is basically made of crushed and powdered limestone rocks that have been heated in a kiln (to more than 2,600°F) – the most common form is known as Portland cement. It is also used for roads; but has many other important uses in construction in general.

Both Are Good To Drive On

Asphalting companies claim theirs is a smoother driving surface that provides more grip – arguments that might not apply on the average driveway length. Concrete companies claim that Concrete Driveways For Madison WIare more durable, longer lasting and easier to install and repair. Even on our national roads we still see both types; so, does it simply boil down to a matter of personal choice? The only black and white answer could be that asphalt is black and Concrete Driveways In Madison WI are (sort of) white; so, choose your color scheme. If you’re looking for quality concrete driveways in Madison WI, contact Amax Constructions.

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