Short and Long Term Storage Options in Dallas

There are many reasons you may be searching for storage. Dallas is home to providers that offer variety of options. Understanding the difference between short term and long term storage can help you to determine what facility to use.

Short Term Storage

Short term storage is a convenient way to store your belongings for a brief period of time. A great advantage to short term storage is that you are often allowed a good amount of flexibility. The hours of most short term storage facilities in Dallas are available 24 hours a day, or at least open during evening and weekends hours. You are often given a code to enter the facility and of course have your own lock and key, enabling you to have access to your items any time you need them.

There are also a variety of sizes to choose from when it comes to selecting a short term storage unit. If you don’t have many belongings to store, you might want to choose a smaller unit. On the other hand, there are also larger units available to store items such as furniture and things you might need more space for. Whether you are looking to store your items in between a move or you are simply trying to clear out some space in your current home, short term storage is a convenient option.

Long Term Storage

Long term storage differs from short term storage in that it is available for items you are looking to store for a greater amount of time. Some examples of instances you might need long term storage could include a move across the country, a move to another country, collectibles, items for your future home that you are not ready for or don’t have room to include. Those items you choose to store in long term storage should be items that you are willing to part with for some time, as you will not be able to access them as easily as you would with short term storage.

A benefit of long term storage versus short term storage is that the professionals in that facility are skilled in packing your items away in appropriate packaging, or positioning them within the unit so that they remain safe and secure over time. There are often packing materials that are needed for the job, and the storage company will be able to take care of all that for you. With long term storage, you can feel confident that your belongings are safely and securely tucked away with around the clock security measures for the length of time you desire.

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