Shingles Damaged In A Storm? Roofers In Pocatello Can Replace Them

After a major winter storm, it’s not uncommon for gypsy contractors to hit an area looking for roofing work. Unfortunately, many of these are unscrupulous con-men who have no intention of doing the work. They convince homeowners to pay cash and then leave them still needing roof repairs. Homeowners should always rely on licensed Roofers Pocatello to install and repair their roofs. Even if they have to wait several weeks, it is worth it.

Roofing contractors are skilled at evaluating and repairing roofs damaged during winter storms and blizzards. They expect homeowners to call them 24 hours a day to stabilize the damage. Whenever possible they go out to a home to place strong tarps over holes in the roof. Water can be leaking in because a storm has torn off shingles or because a tree was blown on to the roof.

Local roofing contractors who have been in the community for many years have worked with all of the local insurance adjusters. They know how claims are processed and can coordinate seamlessly with insurance companies. Most contractors use the same project cost estimators as the insurance adjusters. Therefore as long as the insurance adjuster and contractor agree with the list of work, both sides should agree on the claim amount.

Experienced roofing contractors know how to replace torn-off shingles and flashing quickly. They can blend the new shingles and roofing materials with the old. Sometimes the best roofing repair can miss a small spot. The tiniest pinhole in the wrong location can cause a leak. When a homeowner works with a local roofing contractor, they can rely on him to fix this leak quickly. If a contractor has been working in the same community for decades, this is a good indication that they treat their customers well.

It’s important for a homeowner to continue to have their Roofers Pocatello inspected each year. Even if they didn’t experience obvious major storm damage, small problems can be caught early. In addition to looking for loose roofing materials, the contractor should inspect the gutters. If the gutter isn’t attached properly, then the water will slide down the side of the house. It will damage the siding and may even leak into the basement.

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