Several Tips before Visiting a Kids Dentist in Lincoln Square

Is your kid’s 1st dentist appointment approaching? No problem, Kids Dentist in Lincoln Square are uniquely trained to help make the experience for your child pleasant and comfortable. Getting your child’s teeth examined for the first time is a huge step for both you and your child, and it is normal to experience a bit of anxiety. Below are five tips to help prepare you and your child:

Schedule a Personal Visit

Prior to the appointment date, contact the Kids Dentist in Lincoln Square to schedule a personal tour of the clinic. You and your child should meet the staff and dentist in person, inspect the environment at the clinic and become familiar with the practice.

Ask Questions

It is good to remember that a dentist and their staff are there to help and should be glad to answer any questions or concerns you might have. So, ask as many questions as necessary to learn what you will be facing during your child’s visit.

Remain Positive

It is recommended that you talk to your child about the upcoming visit to the dentist’s office in a pleasant and casual way. It is better not to use terms which might frighten a child like “drill” or “needle.” Reading books, like Dora the Explorer’s Show me Your Smile or Max Goes to the Dentist, may be of assistant in getting your child excited about the visit instead of anxious.

Get there early

Rushing to the appointment may produce unnecessary stress. Give yourself plenty of time to tend to the appointment so you can appreciate the experience. And if able, try to fill all necessary forms prior to your scheduled visit. Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square offers new patient forms on the Internet to help you fill them out at home and just bring them with you to your 1st appointment.

Bring a Toy from Home

If your child has a favorite blanket or toy, have them bring it with them to their dentist appointment. It will help your child feel at home and more comfortable in their new surroundings.

For more information regarding your child’s oral health, contact Cornerstone Dental of Lincoln Square at (773) 654-3575.

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