Settling your case after being involved in a auto accident

When looking at the raw statistics that are available on auto accident cases one quickly sees that rarely do they go to trial. In order to mitigate or avoid the very expensive and time consuming litigation, most parties involved in a auto accident case hire a auto accident lawyer in PA and the parties attempt to reach an agreeable settlement out of court.

The best way to get a favorable out of court settlement is to put forward the most compelling case you can to the insurance company, have the auto accident lawyer in PA that is advocating on your behalf write a very detailed demand letter and then follow it up with persuasive negotiations.

A demand letter is a document that lays out all the pertinent facts of the case and the circumstances of the accident. The letter will include any and all medical treatments that took place; it is this which sets the stage for negotiations. The demand letter is the best opportunity the injured party has, other than in court, to present the most compelling case to the insurance company.

The lawyer will draft the demand letter in such a way that all the effects of the accident are laid out. The information included in the letter will be detailed, it will relate all the medical treatment that was received, a full accounting of all medical expenses as well as lost income as a result of the accident. The financial settlement which is included in the demand letter will always be significantly higher than what the injured party will actually accept but this tact allows your auto accident attorney in PA all the “wiggle room” he will need during negotiations.

Of course there will be a reply from the insurance company, it will invariably include an offer of settlement but there is no doubt that the offer will be low. The replay from the insurance company is using the same tactic that your lawyer used except they will “lowball” their offer and hope to settle somewhere in the middle.

Negotiations will go on for some time; if they stall it may be helpful to your cause if you were to provide additional detail such as photographs showing the scars that you will have to live with for the rest of your life.

If you are involved in an auto accident and it was the result of negligence on the part of the other driver then you will need the help of an auto accident lawyer in PA to get the best settlement.

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