Services Provided at Day Habilitation

When you are looking into receiving day habilitation in New Bedford, MA, it is important to understand all of the different types of services that you can receive. Some of the services that you might be the most interested in includes occupational therapy, fitness groups, nutrition and health, and social skills. Here is some information about the different types of day habilitation services that you might be interested in.

Occupational Therapy

The first service available through day habilitation in New Bedford, MA is occupational therapy. During this process, there will be an occupational therapist who will work with the participants in order to enhance the various motor skills that are needed in order to get through daily life more effectively. There are also options for assistance with activities for sensory integration.

Fitness Groups

The second type of service available through day habilitation in New Bedford, MA that you might be interested in is fitness groups. These day habilitation services will offer both inside and outside opportunities in order to exercise to promote well-being and good health. Participants can choose to either take nature walks throughout the community or using the treadmills that are often available in the facilities. Often there will be other options for exercising including workout DVD’s, Yoga, and aerobic exercises.

Nutrition and Health

It is important for everyone to know and understand how keep their health and nutrition up. In the services for day habilitation in New Bedford, MA, you will be able to meet with a healthcare supervisor in order to learn how to use the food pyramid properly, learn the right eating habits, and follow the proper nutrition. In addition to all of these skills, the participant will also learn how to work on some of the skills that are needed for basic hygiene.

Social Skills

Part of the point of joining day habilitation services is to learn how to function more independently in normal society. In order to accomplish this, every person needs to have some form of social skills at their disposal. There are many groups available through day habilitation that help with this including video games, board games, current events, crafts, bingo, and arts. The participant will be able to choose from the variety of activities in order to choose ones that go with their interests.

Day Habilitation Program offers individuals the chance to participate in structured group activities that will enhance the skills that are necessary to access their community in New Bedford, MA. Get in touch with Better Community Living, Inc. for more details!

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