Services Offered by Locksmiths in King of Prussia, PA

Most people don’t think about the kinds of services offered by locksmiths until they actually need one of those services. These are people who do a lot more than just cut extra sets of keys for people. They offer many services that people really need, including helping them get into their homes or vehicles if they have misplaced their keys, using special lock picking tools. Anyone who wants their home to be more secure needs to call one of these professionals, as they can offer much advice about the best locks, and they have the products and can install them.


Locksmiths in King of Prussia, PA install electronic surveillance systems, as well as alarm systems. They can help to make homes and businesses more secure, and in addition to the installation of these systems, which include Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) and Electronic Access Control Systems, they will also provide regular maintenance when it is needed, to ensure the safety of their customers, and are capable of maintaining any security software that they install.

Another service provided is installing new locks and replacing old ones. They can help their customers choose the right locks for their homes or businesses, and even help home owners choose locks that will fit in with the look of their doors and windows. Some of the recommendations will be based on how often the doors and locks are used, and family safety. They will also do security assessments, and let home and business owners know which types of locks will offer the most security.

Locksmiths in King of Prussia, PA also work with vehicle locking systems. They can help people when they are locked out of their vehicles, or create new sets of keys when necessary. The only exception to this is when the key is an electronic type. If the locksmith is unable to get the required code, the customer will need to visit the dealership to have a new key made.

When electronic door locks are in use, and passwords need to be reset, this is also the job of the professional locksmith. They are even sometimes asked to work with law enforcement, providing video surveillance and other assistance.

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