Services Offered by a Divorce Lawyer Colorado Springs

Although marriages are made with a promise to last for a lifetime, sometimes it becomes necessary to have them annulled or for the couple to file for a divorce. During such times, a divorce lawyer is very useful in ensuring fairness during the process. Below are key reasons for hiring a divorce lawyer Colorado Springs.

Divorce Paperwork

The main role of a divorce attorney is to help his/her clients file for divorce. This requires that he/she draws up the required paperwork. Couples who mutually decide to separate can also seek legal guidance and advisory from the lawyer. Other than divorce, a lawyer can also help in other marital issues such as annulment of the marriage and even application for a legal separation. An annulment is very different from a divorce in that it fights to erase the marriage completely by finding ways to prove that it was invalid. On the other hand, couples who no longer live together can choose to file for legal separation.

Division of Property

Division of property that has been accumulated in the course of the marriage is a delicate matter since everyone wants to have the lion’s share. However, hiring a divorce lawyer at such times can help the couple to come up with an amicable solution. Most attorneys try to have this issue resolved out of court to avoid unnecessary financial strain for both parties but in case they are unable to agree on how to share it, then the case can head to court.

Custody of Children

When marriages fail, may people find it extremely difficult to decide custody of their children. Luckily, a divorce lawyer can help such people decide where the child can stay or how his/her time will be split so that both parents have enough time with the child. Furthermore, the attorney has the responsibility of ensuring that child support payment is calculated accurately and approved by the court.

Prenuptial Agreements

Today, many people are taking up prenuptial agreements in order to safeguard their interests before a marriage. A divorce lawyer Colorado can help both parties come up with watertight prenuptial agreements that will protect their assets before they get married. David M. Koppa is a renowned and experienced divorce attorney who will be able to offer you these and many other services in Colorado Springs.

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