Services Commonly Offered by a Chiropractor in Wheat Ridge

by | Mar 21, 2022 | Chiropractor

Chiropractic care has gained a lot of popularity as it offers a noninvasive, gentle, and highly effective treatment. Since this particular discipline deals with the alignment of bones, it is the most effective musculoskeletal rehabilitation available. A chiropractor in Wheat Ridge can help treat not only back and neck pain but a wide range of physical problems.

A good chiropractor in Wheat Ridge, such as Dr. Jen Hartley, provides a range of services to help people get rid of physical pain.

Manual Manipulation

This is one of the most commonly used treatments that involve manual adjustments of the spine and other joints. Chiropractors use their hands to apply the appropriately controlled force to the joint to guide it into the proper position. This helps improve the natural movement and function of a joint.

Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation

This is a form of neurological rehabilitation that allows the nerves to stabilize and the body to heal itself. This method involves cold laser therapy that helps clear and activate the affected nerve to restore its connectivity and original function. This therapy helps to stimulate the immune, lymphatic, and vascular systems.

Neuro-Emotional Technique

Old emotions and stress are not only stored as a memory in the mind but also in the body. Neuro-emotional technique allows the practitioners to localize the stored stress and trauma in the body and release it for better healing. Stress-related headaches, body pains, anxiety, and so on can be addressed using this technique.

Network Spinal Analysis

Due to physical, chemical, or emotional stress in life, the nervous system might develop tension patterns that can cause pain. This form of treatment helps in releasing the tension patterns using very gentle and specific light-handed touches along the spine. Anyone with a lot of stress can benefit from this treatment.

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