Septic Tank Pumping Southaven – What You Need To Know

To appreciate what septic tank pumping, Southaven is all about, you first need to understand what is meant by a septic system, what it does as well as how it functions. A septic system (also referred to as an on-site waste water system), is an underground wastewater treatment system which takes care of sanitary wastes from a home. A standard septic system has four components: the septic tank, the soil, a drain field and the pipe which comes from the house. If any of these parts malfunctions, it can cause the entire septic system to fail, and that can lead to drinking water and soil contamination as well as expensive replacements or repairs by the property owner.

The functioning of the system involves waste water exiting the house via the plumbing network within the building to the pipe that leads to the septic tank. Usually the tank is built in a water-tight mode of fiberglass, polyethylene or concrete. It is designed to hold the sewage long enough until the solids settle at the underside (forming sludge), and the oil drift to the top (forming scum). Also, part of the solid component of the waste will decompose. The septic tank has compartments as well as a “t” shaped opening which prevents the scum and sludge from exiting the tank and flow towards the drain fields. When the liquid gets into the drain field, it gets filtered as it passes through the several soil layers. This treatment helps to remove harmful viruses, bacteria and nutrients.

Septic tank pumping needs to be carried out once in a while so as to remove the scum and the sludge from the tank. The scum and sludge can clog the septic tank drain pipe, if they are allowed to accumulate within the tank. Drain Go Plumbing can provide regular inspections and cleaning as well as pumping of your septic tank to make sure everything is working properly. Also, septic tank pumping, Southaven services will examine the tank, the valves as well as the ground surrounding the system to check for clogged areas or leaks. The homeowner will be informed about areas that require attention and appropriate solution to the problem will be recommended.

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