See a Dentist in Providence, RI, for the Healthiest Teeth Possible

Regular visits to a dentist are the best way to keep teeth at their best. Without proper dental care, teeth are susceptible to damage from plaque and decay. Stains or discolorations may make the teeth look dingy or yellowed, rather than white and pearly. Also, teeth that haven’t been cared for properly will not be as strong as they should be, so they may become chipped or broken more easily. By visiting a Dentist in Providence RI, people are able to ensure their teeth remain healthy and in the best shape possible.

Through regular tooth cleanings and checkups, dentists are able to keep patients’ teeth healthy and free of damage. Dentists have specialized equipment that helps them remove tartar and plaque buildup easily, even from between teeth. These dental cleanings work much better than any brushing or flossing at home can do, and they keep teeth from developing cavities or diseases. As they clean patients’ teeth, dentists will also examine the teeth for any problems they may have. Any existing decay or damage will be identified and treated to prevent the issues from getting worse.

Teeth with damage may require additional treatments or procedures. If dentists detect any cavities in teeth, the decayed area will be gently drilled and scraped away and then replaced with a filling. Broken or chipped teeth may be restored using dental bonding or veneers, depending on how severe the damage is. If a tooth is already missing, or so damaged that it cannot be restored, a Dentist in Providence RI may offer replacement options like dentures, implants or dental bridges. Dentures are generally only used for people who are missing several teeth or more, but bridges and implants can be used for single teeth. Dentists can also provide professional whitening treatments to safely remove any stains that may have developed on teeth.

Visiting a dentist regularly for treatments will help to keep teeth healthy and protected from damage. Those who don’t see a dentist may develop oral diseases, tooth decay or broken teeth, so it is best to see a dentist at least twice each year. dentists can help with any sort of tooth or gum issue and provide a variety of treatments to suit individuals’ exact needs.

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