Scrap metal in Vineland is High Tech Metal Recycling

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Recycling

Scrap metal has a thousand uses. For example, making steel cans from recycled material uses 75% less energy than producing them from raw metals. Recycling 2.3 pounds of steel keeps 4.6 pounds of greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere. That is hard to beat. Recycling steel diverts these products from the landfill, and creates an environment that enables the material to be reprocessed. This means that raw materials are being conserved while scrap metal is kept out of vacant yards and other junk depositories. For every ton of steel recycled 2,500 pounds of iron ore, 1,300 pounds of coal and 106 pounds of limestone are saved.

All types of scrap steel can be recycled, and steel can be recycled over and over. The scrap yard is no longer a junk yard; it is a high-tech metal separator and processor for steel melting facilities. The parts of a junk car can be sorted in hours and the balance of the car can be crushed and sent on to a smelting plant. The Scrap metal in Vineland has a shredder with hammers that can tear through full size vehicles, light iron, and half inch thick steel. Once the material is shredded it is sorted into ferrous and nonferrous product.

Excess construction steel can be recycled as well as parts of bridges that are being rebuilt. All types of metal can be sent for Steel recycling. Scrap metal is a lucrative business with China and Japan buying hundreds of tons of it and America using tons of it daily.
The equipment at Scrap metal in Vineland automatically sorts, separates and bales aluminum, copper, brass, steel, and other scrap metals. The shredder turns scrap metal into higher grade materials by using a specialized magnet and sorting system to separate it.

Hammers can tear through full size vehicles, light iron, and half inch thick steel. The giant magnet separates scrap material by a ballistic separator and nonferrous metals make their way to other applications. Scrap metal in Vineland can be accumulated from your property by scrap metal containers which will be dropped off and picked up.


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