Save Time and Finish Your Quilt with a Long Are Quilting Machine in Vancouver, WA

by | Jun 3, 2013 | Machinery and Equipment

Quilting is truly a labor of love for the person building it. Countless hours go into the selection of the fabric, then cutting pieces for the design and then putting it all together. There is so much work to turn tiny pieces into geometric or organic designs, then finished off for hanging as art or to give away as a gift. Once the quilt top is complete, the next step is to do the batting and backing in order to get it closer to the finished product. Then the biggest chore comes in with the quilting.

Doing the job by hand is labor-intensive and when you don’t have the time to go that route, you use the sewing machine instead. Except the sewing machine isn’t up to easily handling such a large piece, even when the ends are rolled up. You also don’t get the luxury of seeing what your quilting looks like as you move onto the next patch, so you may have a design that doesn’t quite match with the other. This is the point where a Long Are Quilting Machine Vancouver WA makes for a great time saver.

A Long Are Quilting Machine Vancouver WA takes the sewing machine to a whole new level. Instead of having to sit down and fight with a small area for sewing in, the machine head is on a movable base that you control. It’s essentially a sewing machine that is in permanent free-style mode. You can control the stitching pattern as you go, or use a pre-set design that’s built into the machine. A touch screen set into the machine offers you the ability to change stitches on the fly or perform an essential function without having to stop what you’re doing.

The Long Are Quilting Machine Vancouver WA are very easy to use. You set up your quilt on the frame which gives you a wide area for viewing at once. Controlling your quilting pattern has never been easier. Grab the handles on the machine and stitch over your original design as fast as you are comfortable with. You’ll get your quilt done in no time at 3,000 stitches per minute.

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