Save Money by Illuminating Your Dock with Solar Powered Lights

If you live in a coastal town, chances are you either own a dock or live near one. Docks are common in those areas and used at all times of the day and night. They require lighting that can keep bays, docks and ramps illuminated so it is safe to launch, board, and exit a boat. It can be tricky providing power for dock lighting that is not overly costly. One of the best ways to provide light that cuts down on the use of energy is to use solar powered dock lights.

What Type of Solar Lights Are Used for Docks?

Typically a dock uses dock lights that range from flood lights that are high powered to LED fixtures. Since most docks are not normally shaded, solar powered lights are perfect. There is less need for wiring when you use solar powered lights, so they are safer and easier to use. Solar lights will be powered from dusk until dawn and can be switch activated so run time can be better organized. The placement of solar lights is important for many different reasons. They help a boat driver dock their boat as well as keep dock-side tools and applications illuminated. Solar lighting panels can usually be mounted near their lighting fixtures so they receive sustainable power.

Solar Powered Lights Allow for More Safety

It is very important that a boat is docked with care so it is not harmed, and so the dock remains intact too. Solar dock lights can ensure that the bay is extremely easy to see so a boat can float in to rest. Lights that are solar powered significantly lower the risks of boating accidents at night. This is especially true for late night deliveries that use boat trailers.

Solar Powered Lights Are Perfect for Rural Areas

Lights that are solar powered are perfect for rural docks that may not be able to use grid power. A stand-alone solar light easily adapts to the rural environment and ensures that docs are safely lit up. Since solar lights use solar panels, there is no need for grid extensions. Boating docks that are used for business or recreational uses can also boast that they use green power which is safer for the environment. You can install overhead flood lights and LED lighting that is affordable to light up your dock.

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