Sales, Customizations, and Trailer Repair in Cameron Park

by | Apr 23, 2015 | Transportation

Trailers can be used for business or pleasure, and are available in many types, brands, and models. There are utility trailers, quad haulers, lawn and garden trailers, trailers to haul a car, boat, ATV, horses, bicycles, and motorcycles. Closed trailers, open trailers, deck trailers, and covered ones have different uses, depending on your needs. Trailer Repair Cameron Park is done by skilled professionals and includes tires and wheels, electrical issues, suspension components, and replacement of worn out or damaged parts. Fast and affordable repairs will have you back on the road in a timely manner.

If you can fix your trailer yourself, and just need parts, those are available as well. Springs, couplers, axles, tires, suspension parts, hangers, wiring, electrical parts, and lighting are all in stock. You can browse a website for a full list of parts and accessories that are available. If your trailer no longer suits your needs, you can look into a new one with financing available. At Vintage Transport in Cameron Park, each new trailer comes complete with free registration and license plate. If you cannot find a new trailer that is quite right for you, you can have one custom fabricated to your specifications.

A full line of truck accessories are offered and installed to help you get the most from your truck, and protect it at the same time. Accessories include hitches, tool boxes, spray-on bed liners, bed covers, bed rugs, bed sliders, caps, S-line tie downs, deck lids, and camper shells. Truck racks are available for ladders, fork lift loadable racks, standard racks, and camper racks. There are racks that can handle any weight, any function, or any need. Items such as bed liners, caps, camper shells, and truck racks are installed for you when you purchase them. Browse website to know more.

You demand a lot from your trailer and your truck, so it is important to take proper care of them. Regular maintenance will help you avoid major repairs that can be expensive. Check your tires often for wear and proper air pressure. You will get better gas mileage if the tires are inflated evenly. Change the oil in your truck, and inspect the lights and wiring on your trailer. Travel safe, and get minor repairs completed quickly so they will not turn into expensive, major repairs.

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