Safety And OTR Truck Driving Jobs

If you want to drive trucks, chances are you are interested in over the road (OTR) or long-haul trucking. The trucking industry is constantly looking for qualified drivers to fill the OTR truck driving jobs currently available. The demand is high, but, so, too, is the standards expected from the drivers. This is one form of employment where the current focus has been on safety. This applies to that of the drivers as well as that of everyone else on the road with big rigs and other trucks.

Why the Emphasis on Safety?

OTR rigs are large. They can be massive. They can instantly wipe out the vehicles around them if the drivers are not trained properly to handle them. It is imperative that they co-exist on the roads with other vehicles much smaller and even the same size as them. OTR drivers, therefore, need to be trained to handle the rigs safely no matter what occurs.

Safety also forms the cornerstone of truck maintenance. It will not make much a difference if the driver is properly trained, but the truck is in poor condition. Companies see the necessity of keeping their rigs in perfect condition. Any bad publicity resulting from wheels falling off, for example, can extend in an ever-widening circle. Such events negatively affect the victims, the drivers and the company’s bottom line.

Technology is one way of managing potential problems. The right tech equipment can provide valuable information about the performance of the rig. It can work with the maintenance crew to inform them what will need replacement or is failing to function properly. This can save companies money in the long term and lives every day the truck is on the road.

The need to hiring safe, skilled and experienced drivers for all OTR truck driving jobs is important to companies in another way. A truck is a big investment in the company and its future. These are expensive pieces of equipment. It would be counterproductive to let just anyone drive a valuable truck. Add a high-priced, dangerous or fragile cargo, and little doubt remains as to driver preference.

OTR Truck Driving Jobs: Qualified Drivers Only Need Apply

Safety regulations are one of the driving forces behind hiring only qualified drivers to handle the big rigs. The result has been an intensification of the selection process. Employers now expect those who apply for their posted OTR jobs to have these essentials:

1. Commercial driver’s license (CDL) – To become involved in OTR, the driver must have Class A and Class B CDLs
2. Training – This can take the form of school or training school

If the rods are to remain safe for all vehicles, companies must insist on the highest standards form everyone who is applying for the most basic of OTR truck driving jobs.

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