Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range

With all of the violence in the world today more and more people are purchasing guns, taking gun classes or visiting their local shooting range. Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range offers gun classes, an indoor state of the art ten lane shooting range, gun rentals, in house gunsmith services and Gun Sales Reno.

When you are looking for Gun Sales Reno, Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range is a great place to start. They offer a huge selection of fire arms consisting of full automatics, semi automatics, hand guns and assault rifles. They also carry tons of different accessories for many types of different guns.

If you have never shot or used a gun then you definitely should try a class at Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range. Not only do they specialize in Gun Sales Reno, they have some great classes for beginner shooters which can teach you how to properly hold a gun as well as go over laws and rules for carrying and firing a weapon. They also have classes for just women or classes for groups and families. Many people are interested in a Concealed Weapons Permit. Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range offers a CCW class and you can apply for the permit. All of the staff and the instructors have numerous years in this industry and teach an exciting class and make it an excellent experience.

We are not allowed to just go fire a gun wherever we may please. That is why indoor shooting ranges are great. Indoor locations are also better than outdoor if you are in a hot place like Reno. Safe Shot Indoor Shooting Range is completely state of the art. You are allowed to bring in your own gun or you can rent one of their guns to use. They have options including pistols, revolvers, semi automatic rifles and class III machine guns.

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