Safe Removal of Unwanted Hair

Some unwanted hair can be unsightly, such as excess hair on the chin or neck. Many women, especially those that have been exposed to steroid drugs for various illnesses, can have an over-extensive growth of facial hair which can cause them to feel bad about their outer appearance. Because, as a rule, women prefer to not grow facial hair, they will certainly feel less feminine if they have facial growth that they know should not be there.

There are many varied types of hair removal in Cincinnati OH, such as epilation, waxing, shaving and now, laser treatment. Most women will remove leg and bikini hair using either shaving or waxing as the cheapest and safest option. However, the hair does grow back in a very short time and stubble will be visible within twelve to twenty four hours. Waxing will have a longer lasting effect but will still need to be redone within about a month.
Who Else Removes their Hair?

It is not only women who suffer with unwanted hair. The recent upsurge in male waxing has taken some salons by surprise. In the last ten years or so, there has been a massive increase in hairy men coming into salons and hair removal clinics to have unwanted back and chest hair removed. Back hair, especially, can be the scourge of some men and they complain that women find it unattractive, so want it gone.

Many other people will have certain hairy parts of their body waxed for medical reasons. Hair can attract unwanted visitors, such as fleas, ticks and lice, in the same way as a pet does. In the military, this is not an issue because short hair is compulsory. However, in every day civilian life, hairy backs and chests can be a danger zone, not only for those reasons but because of in-growing hairs, acne and other skin complaints.

Hair removal is also popular among male to female transgender applicants, who wish to remove their beard growth in order to appear more feminine. As well as that, many surgeons will also recommend that the pubic area hair be removed prior to surgery. In all cases where unwanted hair removal is necessary it is vital that you find a reputable place that can offer safe hair removal without the risk of scarring and damage.

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