Rosacea Natural Remedy Treatments

Rosacea natural remedy therapy has distinct advantages over going to a doctor. First and foremost is cost, but surprisingly, homeopathic options often work faster and have fewer side effects than pharmaceutical options. Herbal solutions aren’t the only natural fixes for rosacea, however. Alternative methods, such as light therapy, have also proven to be effective, though they require a specialist’s touch. Take a look at the following techniques.

Mindful Living

No one should live in fear, but staying aware of your body and what causes rosacea flare-ups can go a long way in staving off the red, sometimes painful rashes this condition brings. Common triggers include anxiety and stress, excessive sweating, extreme temperatures, eating spicy foods and drinking alcohol. Making an effort to avoid these things can significantly reduce your outbreaks.

Tweak Your Diet

There isn’t one uniform cause to rosacea, though it is clearly a genetic condition in some people. It’s also obvious foods can be at the root of the problem for some people. Allergies to wheat, eggs and corn might be behind the angry patches on your face, back and arms. You can rule out food allergies with the help of a specialist, or you can forgo a certain food for two weeks and slowly reintroduce it to see any possible effects.


Rosacea is a swelling of the blood vessels close to the skin’s surface. You can get prescription and over-the-counter anti-inflammatories, but there are also a variety of natural remedies that work to lessen the redness and discomfort. Some are topical – applied directly to the skin – while others are taken orally.

Sold as an essential oil, lavender is effective when applied as a rosacea natural remedy therapy. Licorice root extract can be applied as part of a gel or cream to relieve the redness and irritation. Using green tea as a topical agent is especially helpful for rosacea sufferers who are affected by the sun when it is applied before going outdoors. In addition, adding a cheesecloth pouch of oatmeal to your bath will sooth red, sensitive skin and help prevent serious flare-ups.

Light Therapies

New technological developments in light and laser therapy have provided sufferers with effective new options for rosacea natural remedy treatments. Photofacials are particularly helpful. They non-invasively remove enlarged blood vessels through the heating process. Low level lasers can also be used to remove the acne-like symptoms often caused by the condition.

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