Roofing in Annapolis: 3 Simple Maintenance Tips for Your Roof

After one has installed or replaced a roofing material, there is a need to do regular maintenance. This usually helps in increasing the lifespan of your roof. It is important to read the maintenance instructions that come with the roofing material. Some firms offer a warranty that even guarantees free maintenance over an agreed period. The following tips can help you to easily maintain your Roofing services in Annapolis.

Trim long tree branches

Trees don’t grow fast and some species may take several years before they can reach the height of your roof. However, their growth near your home can cause problems especially when branches that have overgrown have not been pruned. Such branches may drop leaves on the roof thus hindering the flow of water.

Trim all long branches growing over the roof and also remove the leaves and any other objects that may be preventing good flow of water to avoid clogging. Clogging facilitates quick rotting of metallic roofs and development of weak points that may eventually leak.

Remove any growth of mold

Fungi, algae and mold can easily grow in between tiles or shingles. They can be easily identified by looking out for discolored or dark streaks underneath the tiles. The earlier you spot such growth, the easier it is to remove them to avoid damage to the Roofing Annapolis. It is recommended that you wear protective clothing when removing mold. This is meant to reduce or eliminate chances of exposure to mold dust that may cause infections on the human body.


Some roofing materials like aluminum require painting to reduce the rate at which the roof is corroded by acidic rain. Painting prolongs the life of your roof by reducing the exposure of the metallic roof to acidic hazard and also improves the outlook of your home.

To ensure longevity of your roof, make sure you do regular inspections and maintenance. If you are not able to do so, be sure to consult ROOFWORKS who are experts in Roofing Annapolis. The firm has competent workers who provide other exceptional services like installation, repair and maintenance of gutters and siding.

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