Reviewing Requirements For Auto Insurance In Austin, TX

In Texas, state laws prohibit drivers from operating their vehicle on the roads and highways without auto insurance. Any violation of the laws leads to criminal and administrative penalties. In some cases, the state could require SR-22 certificates due to non-compliance with the law. A local insurance provider offers Auto Insurance 8n Austin TX to help owners avoid penalties.

What is the Bare Minimum?

In the state of Texas, all auto owners are required to purchase no less than auto liability coverage. The current requirements for the coverage start with a minimum of $30,000 worth of coverage for the first injured party involved in an accident. If more than one party is injured, the policy must pay a maximum of $60,000. All standard auto liability policies pay no less than $25,000 for property damage.

When is Proof of Coverage Needed?

The driver is required to show proof of auto insurance coverage whenever they are stopped by law enforcement. The Department of Motor Vehicles also requires proof of insurance each time that the auto tag is renewed or a new vehicle is registered.

Is Auto Insurance Monitored in Texas?

Yes, the Department of Motor Vehicles has a computer system that generates an alert each time that auto insurance policies are expired or canceled. The agency sends a notice to the vehicle owner who has ten days to update their coverage. The new insurance card is acceptable proof. The owner can bring it to the DMV or mail it promptly.

What is the Outcome for a No-Insurance Citation?

Any driver that is found guilty of failing to comply with state auto insurance laws incurs a fine of $200. If they have been cited with the violation previously, the fine is increased according to the total number of convictions. The state can suspend their driver’s license or registration.

In Texas, all auto owners must purchase at least auto liability coverage for all vehicles they register. Texas is a fault state in terms of auto accidents, and victims retain the right to file a lawsuit. Auto owners who need Auto Insurance in Austin TX can contact Patrick Court for a free quote right now.

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