Reviewing Car Accident Injury Law In Saint Paul

In Minnesota, all drivers are required to follow the state mandate for auto insurance and purchase the coverage for each vehicle they own. Any violation of the insurance laws leads to penalties against the driver. In an accident case, the state requires victims to follow no-fault laws. A local attorney helps victims review Car Accident Injury Law in Saint Paul.

What Does No-Fault State Mean?

No-fault state means that the state requires all drivers to carry personal injury protection coverage. If they are injured in a car accident, the policyholder must file a claim through their own insurance first. If the victim has a serious injury that exceeds their coverage maximum, the victim has the right to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver.

How Does Comparative Fault Work?

Comparative fault rulings assign blame to the victim if he or she committed a moving violation during the accident. The judge applies a percentage according to the severity of the moving violation. If the percentage exceeds 50% the victim won’t receive any monetary damages in their case.

What Happens if a Criminal Case is Linked?

A criminal case is linked to the accident if the at-fault driver was charged with a DUI or attempted vehicular manslaughter. Drunk drivers who cause accidents receive increased criminal penalties. If a victim dies due to their injuries, the at-driver faces vehicular homicide charges.

What Types of Damages are Available?

In an auto accident case, the claimant could receive complete payment for all their medical requirements, lost wages, and restitution in a criminal case. If the victim dies, their family could file a wrongful death lawsuit and collect funeral expenses and tort-based awards for loss of support or mental anguish.

In Minnesota, all drivers follow state and federal mandates for auto insurance coverage. No-fault states restrict how victims can file lawsuits after they sustain injuries in a car accident. Typically, the claimant must use their own coverage first. Criminal cases are often linked to car accident cases, and restitution is a common penalty for drunk drivers. Victims of auto accidents review Car Accident Injury Law in Saint Paul through Rutzick Law Offices or visit the website right now.

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