Revelation Fulfilled in the Last Century

More and more evidence has come about to prove the revelations in the Holy Bible. Of the 2,500 various revelations in the Bible, around 2,000 have already been fulfilled. Some have even been fulfilled in the last century.

Ezekiel 29:15

This verse is understood to mean that Egypt would never again be a ruler of nations. It is foretold that Egypt will face desolation and recover, but not rule. The desolation of Egypt was caused by an attack by Babylon, when it was at its highest point of power. After more than 2,000 years, it recovered to become an independent nation. However, when Egypt once again tried to rule, they were unsuccessful, though they were ten times larger than their target, Israel.

Zechariah 8:7-8

The verses said by this prophet are understood to mean that the Jews would return to Jerusalem. The people of Jerusalem have been removed from their city several times throughout history but always managed to return. The first time they were removed, Babylon destroyed the entire city of Jerusalem and placed its people in exile. They returned to rebuild centuries later, only to face destruction and exile 1,900 years ago at the hands of the Romans. They did not return to the city in control until 1967, but they returned.

Isaiah 27:6

In this passage, the prophet Isaiah foretells of the fruits of Israel filling the world. This revelation fulfilled itself beginning in the late 1900s. At this time, Israel began to produce food from its once barren land. They are now a leading world producer of agricultural products.

Isaiah 41:12-14

In this passage, the prophet says as long as the people of Israel have faith in God, they would be helped in periods of enemy conflict. Israel had previously faced defeat at the hands of the Assyrian empire. It was said God had not helped them because they had lost face. The truth behind this is seen in the late 1940s, after Israel had been re-established. It has been under attack many times, by countries much larger than itself; however, Israel has always prevailed.

Isaiah 43:5-6

In this passage, it is predicted that the Jews would return from all directions of the world. It is even foretold that the north and south areas would need to be negotiated with. After the defeat by Rome 1900 years ago, they were scattered to nearly every continent. They did not begin to return until the early 1900s, when the revelation started to come true. The revelation fulfilled itself further when the north and south countries of Russia and Ethiopia were very reluctant in allowing the Jews to return to their homeland of Israel.

This is not a conclusive list of the various revelation fulfilled in the last century.

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