Retaining a Skilled Juvenile Dependency Lawyer in Orange County, CA

Juveniles have many of the same rights as adults under state and federal statutes. However, they may not know what those rights are or how to make full use of them.

They also may not know how to represent themselves in court if questions arise about their custody or emancipated statuses. They may benefit from hiring representation like a juvenile dependency lawyer in Orange County, CA to argue for them in court.

Settling Questions of Guardianship

When questions arise about the guardianship of a young person, it may take a judge to settle them. The judge can review the facts of the case and find out with whom the young person was supposed to have lived. He or she can also find another person for the youth to live with if the parents of this child have died or been taken into custody.

Then, the lawyer for the case can advocate for the best interests of the young client. They can make suggestions that the judge can take into consideration and ensure the child will be well taken care of and safe in their new home.

A juvenile dependency lawyer in Orange County, CA acts as the voice and advocate for the young person they represent. You can find out more about why it may be necessary to hire one online. To get information about representation, reach out to ALL Trial Lawyers by going to

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