Restore Your Older Home with a Metal Ceiling in Brooklyn NY

If you have a home that was built in an earlier time, chances are it may have had a metal ceiling at some point in one part of the home. Even if it never did, this type of ceiling can fit the style of many older homes and apartments beautifully. The style and elegance of a Metal Ceiling Brooklyn NY harkens back to a time when real craftsmanship was put into each building. You don’t have to go back in time, or even own an older home to take advantage of this timeless style. You can have your older metal ceiling restored or have a brand new one installed easily today.

There are a variety of metals used for these types of ceilings. If you have an older ceiling that will need to be matched, the people at Abingdon Construction Brooklyn NY can take care of that for you. They are experts at matching the design and color of the original ceiling for your current repairs. They have been doing this type of work for four generations and are available to travel as far as one hundred and fifty miles away from the Brooklyn NY area to perform their construction magic.

Metal ceiling come in several finishes as well. You may want to use solid or plated copper, chrome plated, stainless steel, tin, brass plated or pre-painted white. You are free to paint over the white in whatever color you need to match your decor. You will also be able to choose from one of the several designs that are available in these wonderful metal ceilings. You are also free to mix and match to create a unique style of your own. These designs can work just as well with a modern, contemporary design just as well as they do in historical buildings.

Don’t forget that these metals can also be used for cornices, either in addition to the metal ceiling or by themselves to highlight a standard ceiling. You could even cover a wall in your home with them if you choose. Why not give the company a call and let them show you the ideas they have for your home? Visit for more details.

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