Residential Glass in Austin TX Can Multiply Your Options

When you’re designing a new home or drawing up plans for remodeling your current home, keep in mind the many roles that glass can play when it comes to adding a unique feel to your home. Well-placed, decorative windows can brighten up any room, but that is far from all that glass features can provide. Consulting an experienced professional who knows Residential Glass in Austin TX, can provide a learning experience that will help you look at your plans in a different way.

Starting with a new front door that features leaded glass designs, you can take advantage of the many attributes of glass. With its ability to be formed, colored, tinted, mirrored, etched, and decoratively lighted, glass can be featured in almost every room of your home. Glass can also be manufactured in various thicknesses, so it can be used in ways normally reserved for other materials. This can include incorporating glass shelving, glass tabletops, glass room dividers, glass desktops, and more. Leaded, stained, and etched glass can even be used to create beautiful one-of-a-kind decorative works of art that can be hung from a wall or displayed on a dramatically lit glass display shelf.

Practical uses for glass include shower enclosures and doors, uniquely-framed mirrors, and even customized glass doors for a business. Since glass can be transparent, translucent, tinted, colored, textured, tempered, or laminated, it can be used decoratively or as a structural element in your construction plans. Mirrored ceilings or walls can add the illusion of size and depth to a room or hallway, and they can multiply the light coming into a room, effectively brightening it up without any additional lighting. Relying on Residential Glass in Austin TX, experts can make your design choices simpler. Take advantage of their experience in the field.

Indoors or out, when you are looking for Residential Glass in Austin TX, the professionals at Fashion Glass and Mirror Austin TX can take your visions and add an entirely new dimension with the creative use of glass. At the commercial level, they can create uniquely customized doors for your business, display cases for properly showing off your merchandise, shelving units, full-length mirrors, office dividers, and more.

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