Reputable Pool Installer in Lowell MA

After working hard you have finally saved enough for a backyard swimming pool. You may look online or in the yellow pages for a reputable pool contractor or a pool installer in Lowell MA. You may choose Busniess Name, a family owned business since 1945. They have a great reputation in the area for building top quality swimming pools. They also offer spas, pool toys, patio furniture, pool parts and accessories for the lowest prices that can’t be beat. Business Name can install above ground pools and in-ground pools as well as spas with all the accessories you will ever need.

So you have finally decided on an in-ground pool. When you meet with the Pool Installer, he will explain the process thoroughly for an in-ground pool. First, you will choose a pool shape which includes rectangular, oval, L-shaped, kidney, Grecian, Olympic sized pool, or your own custom design. You will have to understand the equipment and other energy needs of your pool. Your pool will have an electric pump that needs to run a particular number of hours each day to recycle the water through the filter. A high efficiency pump can help you save money on energy costs. Another decision to be made is if you want a heater for the pool. You can decide whether or not to use it in a particular month. It does significantly increase pool use since people can still swim in cooler months.

You may decide to install an above ground pool instead of an in-ground style. One of the main reasons people choose an above ground pool is the cost. Typically, above ground pools cost less than the price of digging the hole for an in-ground model! Plus they are usually cheaper to maintain because they don’t need the resurfacing and repair work such as filling in cracks and repairing plumbing leaks. Your pool Installer in Lowell MA can quote prices for you. Another advantage is the size of above ground pools. If your backyard is small but you have your heart set on a swimming pool, an above ground model may be the answer. An above ground pool is delivered pre-made, so it will just take a few hours to install. On the other hand it may take 2 to 8 weeks to install an in-ground pool. Finally, an above ground pool is portable if you wish to move.

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