Replacing Your Furnace

If you have purchased an older home then you may find yourself needing to put some extra money into furnace replacement in Yukon. Furnace replacement can be a good thing even though it can be very costly up front. Houses that were built in the 70’s were mainly supplied with furnaces that operated at only sixty percent efficiency and today, thanks to the federal energy standard, you will be able to purchase a furnace replacement in Yukon with a minimum of 78% energy efficiency.

Of course, if you can afford it, you will want to purchase a mid to high range efficiency furnace. These utilize 90% of their energy and help to keep your utility bills at a minimum. One of the first things that you will need to think about with furnace replacement in Yukon, is the type of energy source that you have. For most homeowners, gas is the most common, but you can also run a furnace using propane, oil or electricity for the energy source.

The newer models for furnaces are a lot smaller and more fuel efficient than the older models. When you are looking at replacing your furnace you will want to look at the BTU’s and not only at the physical size of the unit. Most typical furnaces are rated at 100,000’s BTU’s, but you can purchase one from 40,000 BTU’s to one with 200,000 BTU’s and that will all depend on the size of your home and the area that needs to be heated. A heating contractor can help you select the size of your replacement furnace based on the square footage of your home as well as from the number of windows that you have and the amount of exposure to the sun that your home has. After doing an evaluation of these things you will better be able to decide which size of furnace will be best for your home.

By purchasing the most efficient furnace for the size of your home, you will be able to save yourself money on future utility bills. You may also qualify for a tax rebate on your new furnace if it is rated as energy efficient. You may want to speak with your furnace retailer to see which brand or brands of furnaces meet the energy efficiency tax rebate guidelines.

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