Replacing Your Businesses Glass: Storefront Glass Contractors in Arlington

Your storefront glass provides you to create beautiful, interesting or even unique displays for the world to see. However, accidents and vandalism, can occur unexpectedly. At this point you will need the services of professional Storefront Glass Contractors in Arlington.

When you have glass installed for your storefront, there are a number of options to consider. While you can choose the same type of glass that was installed in the past, you may like a different option better. The main options of storefront glass offered by Storefront Glass Contractors in Arlington are highlighted here.

Low E Glass

This type of glass is extremely energy efficient. The gas that is between the panes will help to keep the temperatures from penetrating through and help to keep the energy bills you receive down.

Insulated Glass

This is also a great type of glass for thermal control. However, it also features sound deadening features that will make it the perfect option for other types of applications such as conference rooms or sound booths.

Safety Glass

This is also referred to as laminated glass and is created from sandwiching plastic in between two different pieces of glass. If the glass is broken, the shards will remain in place because of the inner plastic.

Tinted Glass

If you have issues with too much sunlight coming into your business, then tinted glass will help to reduce the glare and solve the issue that you are having.

Obscure Glass

This is patterned so that you cannot see through it. While this may not be the right type of glass for a retail location, it does have its place and is a popular option for any area where you need privacy.

Tempered Glass

When this type of glass is broken, it will crumble, rather than shatter. This is an ideal option for safety.
The fact is that when you contact professional Storefront Glass Contractors in Arlington they will be able to help you choose the best type of glass for your location. If you have more questions, you can also contact Layne Glass Services for assistance in choosing the right type of glass.

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