Replacement Glass in Santa Clarita CA for Broken Windows, Storm Doors and Other Features

When window glass is broken, the building owners have the option of getting an entirely new window including the frame, or they can opt for Replacement Glass in Santa Clarita CA. Glass replacement is a more affordable choice, although it may not be advisable if the frame is very old and deteriorated.

Temporary Solutions

Usually, a decision must be made relatively quickly. If the glass only has a crack, it may hold up for quite a while, but the building owners should be ready to cover the space if the glass does fall out. A window from which glass has fallen out must be covered with plastic, cardboard or another suitable material that will help maintain climate control and keep bugs out.

Storm Doors

Replacement Glass in Santa Clarita CA sometimes is needed for a storm door that homeowners have added for extra insulation against hot and cold temperatures. This door also allows them to have the main exterior door open when temperatures are cool but the sun is shining in through the glass. These doors sometimes get caught in a high wind when someone attempts to open the door or doesn’t latch it tightly. The door can fly open and slam shut, which can break the glass.

A company such as Palmdale Glass & Mirror Co. can replace broken glass in a panel if the door has several horizontal panels. Another common design is a door with a sheet of glass on top that can be lowered to allow a breeze to flow through a screen on warm days.

Other Features

Other features that may need glass replacement at some point include doors that enter onto a balcony, patio or deck. The homeowners may be completely satisfied with the door style and frame, and not care to buy a brand new door. Anyone who needs glass replacement for windows or doors may visit the website.

In this type of climate, replacing windows and other exterior glass is no problem at any time of year. If the temperature is unusually cold outside, the workers close doors to the room if that’s possible while they complete the project.

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