Recycling Your Junk Car in Chicago

by | Mar 19, 2014 | Air Conditioning

When a vehicle is no longer in use for transportation, 85% of its parts can be easily recycled for use. It can also be reduced and turned into scrap metal before been sold for the production of recycled steel. According to the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports, recycled metals require 74% less energy compared to producing new metal. In America today, automobiles are some of the most recycled products. Old vehicles tend to contain contaminants like gasoline, oil and anti-freeze that can easily seep into the ground when disposed inappropriately. Below are some of the ways recommended by the country’s environmental standards through which you can recycle your junk car in Chicago.

Call the Local Junk Yard

Calling the local scrap metal yard or junkyard can help you find out if they do take or buy junk vehicles. An internet or phone book search can provide you with names and telephone numbers of the local yards. Ask if it is possible to visit the yard to ensure that they employ environmentally friendly best practices. While there, watch out for a systematic process that should include the draining of fluids from a car. Find out how long it takes to process a single vehicle and where the contaminants are disposed. Look for sections for holding steel, rubber, glass and upholstery.

Donating to Charity

Some organizations do take car donations in an effort to fund their programs. Proceeds from such sales to automotive recyclers provide the benefits. Find out if you will get a tax deduction for recycling your junk car.

Tips to Getting Rid of Junk Cars

Always recycle you junk vehicles in a timely manner. In some cities, people are fined if they leave out debris and or unsightly junk cars on the street and on private property for a certain period. It also helps to pay attention to government programs. For example, 2009’s Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), also called “Cash for Clunkers”, resulted in the recycling of more than 600,000 cars via dealers. Car owners received rebates to aid them in buying fuel-efficient vehicles.

Aero Auto Parts can help you recycle your junk car in Chicago. They will actually pay you cash on the spot for salvaging and removing the old car from your yard.

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