Recovery Tips From an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ

After having a few wisdom teeth pulled by an Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ, there are some things that you will need to do in order to properly heal. While some pain and discomfort is normal, knowing what you should and should not do can make a world of difference. Prior to undergoing surgery however, it is always best to get instructions and advice from your surgeon as there may be specific requirements for your individual circumstances.

Using Pain Medications

Most surgeons will tell you that you can take some pain medication immediately following the extraction to ease the pain you feel. Waiting until the anesthesia wears off completely could leave you very uncomfortable. Make sure that the medication you’re using is okay with your dentists. There are some forms of pain medication that also can thin the blood which would increase the bleeding in your mouth. If you need something stronger than over the counter medications, inquire about a prescription.

Keep Your Head Elevated

When you decide to stretch out and take a rest, it is important that you keep your head elevated for at least 24 hours. Lying flat could result in choking hazards, as some bleeding my still persist after the procedure. Make sure that you have a few pillows ready to keep your head propped up.

Control the Bleeding

After the surgery, you are given some gauze which should help to control the bleeding. Biting down on the gauze will provide pressure to the area and prevent excessive bleeding. Gauze should be changed every 30 minutes depending on how much bleeding there is. If bleeding persists for more than 24 hours, you might be best to contact your Oral Surgeon in Summit NJ for advice or a follow up appointment.

These are just a few general instructions for after the surgery. There are other things you can do to provide comfort after such an invasive procedure. Prior to having your teeth extracted, you should talk with your surgeon to find out specifics on what to do for comfort. For more information Visit website and learn more on teeth extractions and what to expect.

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