Receiving Dental Care in Bel Air From a Dentist For the First Time

Part of having having good overall health is receiving Dental Care in Bel Air on a regular basis. One dentist to look into for preventive dental care is Dr. Michael J. Doyle DDS. He can handle teeth whitening, full mouth restoration, orthodontics, and a number of other dental issues. Seeing a dentist for the first time will include a thorough examination and consultation. It’s advisable to have your dental records sent to your tentative dentist ahead of time so he can review them. Also, make sure you fill out all patient forms completely. It’s extremely important for you to inform a dentist of any allergens you have before you begin Dental Care in Bel Air. This will keep you from being exposed to substances such as latex and nitrous oxide, which have been known to induce allergic reactions.

During your initial consultation with a dentist, the dentist will talk to you about any major medical problems you have. He will also inquire about your dental problems. Be honest and forthcoming during this conversation. Don’t be embarrassed to reveal facts about your health. Getting all of this information is part of how a dentist creates a safe and effective dental plan to treat you.

When a dentist inspects your mouth for the first time, he will assess the general state of your teeth and gums. Common dental instruments used in this are a mouth mirror and a dental probe. He will look for signs of tooth decay and diseases of the teeth and gums. Also, your jaw and bite will be evaluated for problems. A dentist will remove any plaque build-up and tell you steps to take to increase the health of your mouth.

An examination of your mouth may entail x-rays. This allows a dentist to see different parts of your teeth to get a comprehensive view of them. Some of the x-rays include a bitewing, a panoramic, a periapical, and an occlusal. Getting a digital image of the internal parts of teeth and gums will increase the chances of finding problems so the progression of these problems can be halted.

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