Reasons to Retain One of the Wilton Alimony Lawyers in Connecticut

When your marriage comes to an end, you may find yourself without the income to which you have grown accustomed. In fact, you may have no income at all if you were a stay-at-home spouse or parent.

However, you do not have to live in poverty just because you are getting divorced. You may be able to pursue and win spousal support payments by hiring one of the Wilton alimony lawyers to represent you during your case.

Making Your Case

To secure these payments, you may need to convince the judge of your need for them. You must show you cannot support yourself right away after the divorce and have no money or savings of your own on which to sustain yourself.

Your attorney can provide proof the court needs to find in your favor. He or she can show you were at an at-home spouse or parent and did not work. Your lawyer can also show you could face severe financial hardships if you fail to receive these payments.

Your attorney might also prove your ex-spouse can afford to make these payments to you. The payments will not bankrupt your former partner and can be paid out for a reasonable amount of time.

You can find out more about hiring one of the Wilton alimony lawyers to represent you in your court case online. To set up a consultation, contact The Family Law Firm Healy & Eliot PLLC.

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