Reasons Teeth Whitening is Best when Done by a Dentist in Annapolis

One of the most common issues people decide to see a Dentist Annapolis about can be the brightness of their teeth. After years of drinking coffee, tea, and wine, or consuming other food items, many people’s teeth become dingy and dull. Since a person’s smile is one of their best assets, many people are looking for a way to correct this issue. If you are having this problem, you may want to consider professional teeth whitening to correct the issue.

Today, many products are sold in department and drug stores that are designed to whiten your teeth. While some products do offer results, they often do so at a very slow pace and require numerous treatments. This generally happens because most kits may use whitening products similar to those a dentist uses. However, they are often at much lower strengths, and this requires more time and product to accomplish the task. Because of this, it is often a better option to see a Dentist Annapolis for teeth whitening treatments.

In addition to whitening a patient’s teeth, the dentist will generally begin treatment by having the patient’s teeth professionally cleaned. This can be helpful as it removes any tartar or plaque buildup, allowing the whitening product to begin working on the enamel of the teeth immediately.

Another aspect of a professional whitening treatment that can be helpful is the process used to apply the whitening agent to the teeth. Most kits come with a mouth guard or dental tray that is filled with the whitening product and applied to the teeth. A dentist will generally paint the whitening agent directly onto a patient’s teeth. This allows the dentist to ensure all areas of the enamel are being well coated with the product. Once it is applied, a dentist will also be able to use a heat, UV, or a laser lamp to speed the process.

To have your teeth whitened in the best way possible, seeing a dentist is generally best. Not only can they accomplish the work much more quickly, but you generally will see results after just one treatment. You can Visit Site for more information.

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