Reasons for Varying Estimates in a Body Shop in Stephens City VA

Being involved in a car accident is a stressful and worrisome situation that gets even more complicated once you figure out that you have to find a body shop to do repairs to your vehicle. Many people make the assumption that all body shops are created equal, which is far from the truth. Finding a reputable body shop is the only way to make sure that your car gets the care and repairs that it needs to get back to its original shape. The first part of choosing a body shop is going to different ones and getting different estimates on the work you need. Here are a few common reasons why the estimates from a Body Shop in Stephens City VA can vary so much.

Quality of the Parts

One of the biggest factors in the price of a repair is the cost of the parts being used and whether they are new or used parts. Many body shops will use only high quality parts, which is great for your car but can wreak havoc on your bank account. If you have a certain preference on the type of parts you want used on your vehicle, then be sure to let the body shop know before they do the estimate. Being hands on in your body repair can save you money and you get the added bonus of learning new information on the body shop industry.

Levels of Thoroughness

Another cause of varying estimates from shop to shop is the degree of thoroughness that the shop inspects your car for damage. Many shops give the vehicle a once over before doing an estimate, while others do a in depth assessment of the vehicle and give a detailed estimate of the damage done and what needs to be done to fix it. In most cases, a thorough body shop is your best bet because they pay attention to detail which is preferable when fixing body damage on your vehicle.

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