Reading the Poignant Recollections from Holocaust Survivor

Brief Overview on the Holocaust

For hundreds of years, European Jews lived in relative peace within many societies throughout Europe. However, the rise of Nazism quickly threatened millions of Jews on the continent. By the end of World War II, the German regime imprisoned and killed millions of people with full or partial Jewish heritage. When you read Holocaust survivor books, you will learn about some of the minor and major reasons that led to such an unimaginable genocide. Antisemitism has always been a major driving force of hateful attacks against Jewish people all over the world. However, such hatred reached unprecedented levels during the most destructive war ever fought in human history.

Painful Memories of Concentration Camps

Holocaust survivor books provide detailed insights on concentration camps that were operated by Nazis during WWII. Some of the most infamous camps were built in the heart of Poland, which was occupied by Germans throughout most of the war. Some people simply died of starvation, disease and other natural causes. The survivors often share their most vivid memories of the inhumanity of the guards and other personnel at the camps. Of course, you’ll also read about the liberation of the camps by several nations, including the United States of America. Most Holocaust survivors settled down in the USA and Israel because of the dynamic global politics following the war. Additionally, the personal stories from Holocaust survivors have been translated into dozens of languages worldwide.

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