Raising Money Without the Stress

by | Nov 26, 2015 | Shopping and Fashion

The competition for charitable donations is ever increasing. Non-profit organizations are struggling to feed the hungry, save the environment, protect wildlife, cure diseases, and support the arts, to name just a few. School organizations and teams are relying more on money raised by the players and their families, as school budgets are stretched beyond their limits. Some groups put together big events like golf outings and luncheons, with raffles and program ads, to raise money; the average organization seeks easy fundraisers.

Less is More

Sometimes the simplest plans get the best results. Coin drives can be very successful, one penny at a time. Did you know that a six gallon water cooler jar will contain approximately $2000 when filled with random change? Put up a few posters and post information about the coin drive on social media to let people know about your cause and how the money will be used. Many people can and will part with spare change without feeling the pinch. Talk about your easy fundraisers!

No Harm in Asking

Social media is an important tool for any fundraising campaign. By sharing information about your personal connection to a cause, you can actively engage your circles to make donations. People who know you and who know why a cause or organization is important to you are the most likely to show their support. These aren’t always easy fundraisers because some people are uncomfortable asking their friends and families for contributions.

Work as a Team

You’re likely to get greater participation and support from within your group when you run easy fundraisers. When several people each absorb small costs and do minimal preparation, you can raise money with a bake sale. Maybe you can get a couple of volunteers to pick up bottles of water in bulk, and others to sell the water at the high school’s big game.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Fundraisers can sometimes require a great deal of planning and manpower; there may be costs of setting up or creating the fundraising event. If you are selling t-shirts, you are risking have too many of one size while running short of another; there will inevitably be unsold inventory. If you’re setting up an event, such as a carnival or 5K run, the weather can affect your ultimate success. Oftentimes, the results from grand fundraising events are disappointing, relative to the planning that went into them.

Often, it is the easy fundraisers that reap the greatest results. Keep ideas simple and plans realistic, and engage volunteers and target donors who want to be supportive. Find the easy fundraisers that will work best for your organization and you will succeed!

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